The Dress

needle and thread.png


The dress was sewn carefully

it was linen it was white

and then she went to put it on

late one fateful night.


The dress she found could cover

the part that people see

the outside looked so beautiful

what a sight she’d be!


Then she put it all away

and packed it up so nice

and even though she loved the dress

she wondered at it’s price,

for she had spent so much time

sewing night and day,

preparing a dress that would make her feel

young and pretty and gay.


But the truth is that it didn’t

she was still the same inside

and as she went to bed that night

she hung her head and cried.


For she was never thought beautiful

and love she’d never known,

but she hoped someday a man would come

and she’d wear the dress she’d sewn.


As she lay there, she heard a voice

deep inside her heart

that said “come to Me, I am your Savior

I know your inward part.

To Me you are so beautiful

I created you that way

and the love that you are seeking

is found here today.

If you’ll live your life for Me

I’ll change you inside out,

I will conform you to My image

of this there is no doubt.

I promise you will reflect My glory

if in My presence you’ll be,

and when you put on the little white dress

it’s the inside they will see.”


She bowed her head and prayed a prayer

for God to take her sin away

and although nothing seemed to happen

her life began that day.


She found that she had purpose

she found that she had hope

she found that no matter what happened

she had the strength to cope.

The dress that started her on her journey

and had always been kept put away,

is now a dress that she wears proudly

each and every day.


She puts it on for her Savior

to remind her of His love.

To remind her that the only approval she needs

is that from up  above.

Now when people see her

the Savior sure was right,

they comment on her radiant face

not the dress of white! ©




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