Two Bears

bear paw   bear paw


Two bears out dancing in the woods one day

two other bears watching from across the way,

the bears that were watching cried, “hey look at these two

they really believe they can do a soft shoe! ”       


The bears that were dancing didn’t miss a beat   

they danced all day inspite of the heat

they knew they were made to hunt and to growl

but where was the joy in always being on the prowl?


One day as they sat by a stream in the sun

they noticed the birds in the air having fun,

they noticed the fish that swam upstream

and they wondered why fish would do such a thing.


The bears started thinking; maybe there’s more

look at the mountains, look at the shore.

Look at the beauty of the trees and the sky

maybe this life is just passing us by!


Maybe we are doing what we were created to do

but maybe there’s more, even something new

maybe a bear can change his fate

maybe we should try before it’s too late!


So they started dancing, no music about

they started twirling amid the shout

they started smiling, what a glorious thing

they started humming and then started to sing!


The other bears watched and then walked away

for they thought it was silly to dance and to play.

They thought it was silly, there was an image to maintain

and they thought that joy should be contained.


But the two bears kept going, they had discovered the truth

that joy isn’t only reserved for your youth,

they discovered a Savior who has made all things

He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!


This story is silly, yes it is true

but the question I ask is, which bear are you?

The one who lives life, controlled, everything in place

or the one stepping out in faith with joy on your face?


Sometimes the Lord calls us to do silly things

He knows the fruit that humbleness brings,

He wants us to long for His approval alone

He wants us to abide face down before His throne.


So the next time He tells you to go against the flow

don’t think it though, just get up and go

and remember these bears with the lesson they bring

life is meant to be lived for the glory of the King! ©

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