One Great Adventure

My birthday was yesterday so I guess it’s not surprising that I found myself reflecting on birthdays gone by and thanking the Lord for sustaining me through all the years.  (This picture is not from yesterday but from a birthday years ago.  I was going to download the video but don’t have the plan that allows me to download videos!) I did manage to download a video clip on Twitter: @debbie_hazard.  Anyway I hope you are finding joy in the journey.  God bless

Skydive picture (1)


Lord, one great adventure that’s what some may see

but it’s a slow steady walk between you and me;

with times of adrenaline, great highs and great lows

the battles we’ve fought which nobody knows.


Lord, one great adventure, yes I think I would say

a few of those adventures have come my way;

spiritual in nature but physical in time

with an enemy who seeks to destroy and malign.


Yes, one great adventure that’s what life with you brings

although the word adventure encompasses many things;

not always fun, not always fair

not always easy, but you are always there;

strengthening me to jump, helping me to climb

causing me to change, empowering me to rhyme.


Yes one great adventure Lord this much is true

but it’s an adventure that I get to share with you,

there’s only one go around; only one shot

in the end I’d rather hear the words, you did

instead of the words you did not.

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