Three Wooden Crosses

three crosses


Three wooden crosses

were erected that day,

for the sins of the many

the One would pay.


Set on a hill

they were hung there to die,

the robber, the thief 

and the Messiah on high.


One knew his sin

cried out in belief,

the other refused

died in his grief;

the third One was special

He was silent yet strong,

the third One was the one

who had done nothing wrong. 


For He chose to be there,

allowed himself to be led

to a cross and nails

and thorns on his head.


Despised and forsaken 

by those whom He loved,

yes He was taken

but not taken advantage of.


For He knew the price

and He was willing to pay

but there in the grave

He did not stay.


Three days later

resurrected in form

in physical body

from death He was torn.


Whatever response

you have today,

the truth is the truth

Jesus is the The Way.



If you believe in the Savior

that He died for your sin;

you will receive forgiveness

and new life will begin!

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